Monday, 27 February 2012

Chugging Along

Rat Race

Friday marked another hoop jumped and another box ticked. I handed in my English assignment. I wrote a million essays and lab reports during my degree, so it should be pretty routine by now. However, my teaching course requires a very different style of writing. It requires personal experience and reflection, instead of the scientific, professional style I have been used to. They also use a different way of referencing which drives me insane! But never mind, it felt good to print, staple, hole-punch and be done with it.

Here's Pussy Cat #1 guarding me from the monster that lives inside my printer. Seriously, she goes nuts every time I try to print something. Silly lady.

Making even more baby steps towards the big wide world, I'm going to visit a school tomorrow. Not an interview or anything serious, just a nosey round to see if I like them and they like me.

Fingers crossed :)


  1. Hey lovely lady, where have you been? Hope you're not too caught up in the rat race. x

    1. Hello, It's so nice of you to ask after me. I have been so busy and I hate neglecting the blog, but I've been visiting schools and my desk is drowning in a mess of paper. I really should sort that out...