Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekend Get-Away

My Life as a Wife

Hello beautiful bloggers! Sorry that posts have been sparse on the ground for the past few days. I've had a busy weekend but am very much looking forward to now catching up!

Saturday morning did not start well. Firstly I was in work (booo) and then by 9am I had already broken my brolly and got myself some soggy feet - bad times! However, my day quickly improved as I hopped on the train to meet J and go bridesmaid dress shopping, which I will blog about very soon.

A quick catch up with father, just enough time to glam myself up, and I was off out again to celebrate my friend R's 22nd birthday. We tried a new bar which is a bit swankier than the normal pubs we attend, and had ourselves some yummy cocktails.

Classic Cosmo. Sorry about the awkward flash...
We headed to the clubs, where I randomly bumped into my Aunts who were also out having a boogie. Finally, around 2am we called home time, jumped in a taxi, and I was very glad to climb into bed.

Sunday I had lunch with mother, the brothers and some family, eating far too much bread and cheesecake. However, I figured I had earned it will all my totes amaze dance moves the night before. Then back on the train home-ward bound.

Now a 2 hour train journey is the perfect opportunity to get some work done. But no. I spent the first hour staring out of the window at the beautiful scenery, and the second hour asleep. Oops.

The pretty coast on an unusually sunny day.
Passing though the village where we married :)
It was so nice to see friends and family, but I always feel guilty about rushing my time with everyone. Hopefully when I have some time off over the summer I will be able to afford some more leisurely visits.

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