Sunday, 5 February 2012

Going Solo

My Life as a Wife

I am sure that over time, I will share many posts about my wedding, but for now I just want to say something about my experience during planning.

I got engaged at 19 meaning that, surprise surprise, I was the first of my friends to walk down the aisle. Everybody was so excited for me, and wanted to talk about plans for the big day, but none of us had a blumming clue.

So family, they'll be more helpful right? I was lucky enough to be bridesmaid for an Aunt who had a big fabulous wedding. 10 years ago. So her information on prices etc. was at best, a little out. All the family weddings since then have been pretty low key, and we're not really big etiquette people.

So myself and the Mr started our quest for a big, "proper", all-the-trimmings wedding. People would chip in with nice ideas and suggestions, but I wanted to hear peoples reviews of photographers, experience with make-up artists and recommendations for cake flavors. All I can say is

But then.... One of my oldest friends got engaged! Yes! I could see it now, J and I planning together, swapping fabric samples - it was going to be perfect. But, then she reminded my crazy bridal self that she had just got engaged, and wasn't ready to start planning yet. Oh yeah.

So I went through the planning process being a lone bride, making stuff up as I went along, and spending a lot of time on Google. But in a way it was nice to be the first getting married, I didn't have to worry about out-doing someone, or copying someone. It was nice to plan a wedding without comparing it to the Smith's.

Then, in true Sod's Law style, in the 6 months since my wedding, what can only be described as Wedding Fever has erupted! J has asked me to be her bridesmaid (squeal) and started some serious planning, Auntie E got engaged and is getting married this June, and my Maid of Honor K had an out-of-the-blue proposal!

Ok, so in an ideal world this all would have happened 18 months earlier to give me some bridal company. But at least now I can force bombard share my wedding knowledge and experience with the lucky ladies.

Better late than never huh!

PS - note to self, next blog needs more pictures. 

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