Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All Things Wedding #1

Pretty Things

As my wedding was over 6 months ago, this is definitely not a wedding blog, or a wedding recap blog. However, I thought I'd share a few snaps away, because, well why the hell not! Plus, what better day to start than Valentines day?

Now I don't want to make anyone too jealous, but the Mr was ah-may-zing at wedding planning. He's a super organised guy anyway, so loved the excuse to create a new excel spreadsheet and get out his Filofax. He really surprised me by wanting a very traditional day. String quartet, top-and-tails suits, speeches - that all came from him. He also wanted it to be quite "impressive", but that did not surprise me as much. Unfortunately, impressive = expensive. That poor little excel spreadsheet. It tried so hard to keep all the numbers in order, but up and up they crept. 

The wedding didn't really have a theme, apart from being a traditional wedding...? It just kind of evolved. I knew I wanted a lot of white, and the silver / grey input was influenced by my white-gold engagement ring (seen here). After a very long day of shopping, choosing purple bridesmaid dresses meant that all our colours were sorted. Now lets get to the pictures shall we?


At first, the Mr refused to look at our venue because it had been the location of my school prom, and he therefore decided it would not be good enough (snob). However, when our original choices fell through, we visited on a whim, and pretty much decided there and then. The sun was out in force, and we got to make the most of the beautiful grounds. We definitely used and abused this place. We stayed over the night before and night of, held the ceremony, wedding breakfast and reception all in the same place. Easy peasy. 


The Mr has never known his Dad, but has always been incredibly close to his Granddad. Unfortunately, he passed away the year before the wedding, so I knew it meant a lot to wear his Granddad's cuff-links on our big day. The groomsmen wore purple cravats and he wore white. The top hats looked great in photos, but were mostly commandeered by a couple of cheeky-chappie kids.

Stay tuned for more!

PS Happy Valentines Day <3


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much. The crazy thing is, it wasn't either of our first choices. I guess everything happens for a reason, because on the day it was perfect.

  2. is this the netherwood by any chance? gorgeous venue :) xo

    1. Correct! Very well spotted. The Lakes can be so pretty on those *few* sunny days. x