Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tea and (hot) cakes

My Life as a Wife

Since I moved away it is mostly me who gets in the car, or on the train, to visit friends and family. And let's just say that recently, the few visits my family would make, have turned to none. People have had their excuses reasons, but it has started to feel very much like a one way street.
 Anyway, the Mother and I had a recent heart-to-heart, and she promised to come and visit. Well this Saturday, she did. It was only for a few hours, and the snow caused some concern about getting snowed in / out, but it was certainly nice to have her around.

We met up in town to do a little shopping, but hurried home due to the aforementioned weather! Once inside we decided to warm ourselves up with some tea and hot cross buns! Yes - it's that time of year again when hot cross buns don the supermarket shelves, and we both ADORE them! We chatted, and ate, and chatted. It's nice to be able to bond over something so simple after some time apart.
Nom nom nom
Ok, so technically they are an Easter food, and Easter is a while off yet, but there is no harm in allowing myself a treat! I think this year instead of getting chocolate eggs, I may just ask for 100 packets of these. Can you say carb addict?

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