Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Crafting and Culture

Rat Race

Another busy week at University! It's a bit of a mixed bag; some stress, some fun, and some boredom,

Stress - Monday we had to give presentations. It was only to our small tutor group who are a great bunch of people, so OK it wasn't that bad. I think most of the stress came from the fact I was unprepared (oops) so I guess that's my own fault. I get feedback on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Fun - We had a Design and Technology session which focused on textiles, so we got to play with try out a bit of sewing. I know my way round a needle and thread, but it was pretty funny working with some of the lads who didn't have a clue.

More Fun We took a class trip to a really old library. OK I know this sounds super boring, but the building has some amazing architecture and the library holds some really rare, beautiful and valuable artifacts - including books that are over 2,000 years old. Apologies for the rubbish pictures, I hope you can tell just how beautiful the building is? I only had my iPhone with me, and it was quite a rushed tour!

The church-like building is grade 1 listed and has fantastic high ceilings. They even give you mirrors to look up at the ceilings with, so you don't get a cricked neck.

I loved this piece of art, so clever and detailed. The pages are still attached to the spine of the book. 

  The (mostly) original windows have servived two world wars. They look like the bottom of wine bottles!

Stunning carved ceilings. There were dragons hidden everywhere which were super fun to spot!

However, it's now back to reality. I have to hand in around 5,000 words on Friday, of which I have currently written maybe 5...? oops. Now time to stop blogging and start writing!

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