Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Lazy Way To Make a Cake

My Life as a Wife

Today there has not been enough hours! I went to visit a school which I LOVED, I'm doing the application form now and keeping my fingers crossed. I'm going to see another school tomorrow, but am not feeling so excited about it. The fact that the schools are an hour away isn't helping my to-do list. It's (not so) little bro's 15th Birthday today, and he's traveling down tomorrow so we can spend the weekend together. Husband is also home tomorrow, and the house is a MESS. Well, actually downstairs is ok. Maybe I can convince him that bathrooms and bedrooms are overrated, and avoid upstairs altogether...?

Anyway, now I've got that off my chest... want to see something yummy? In honor of the lil bro's big day, and because I know how much he likes food, I've made him a cake. The lazy way.

I decided on the Sheep Cake  because those fluffy marshmallows won me over. The source website calls for baking, and piping icing... and I just don't have time for that. Did you not just read my rant?

So, I cheated. 

Two ready made chocolate cakes - Check.   Ready-to-spread icing / frosting - Check.   Tit-bits and trimmings - Check. We're ready to rock and roll!

I used pretty small cakes as it's likely to only be the two of us eating it. First cut one of the choc cakes up into a head and 2 ear shapes. Ignored the butchered chocolate mess you've left behind. 

Spread the icing all over, and use it to stick the pieces in place. Don't worry you won't see this when it's done. (phew).

Cover with yummy, fluffy mini marshmallows.   Drum roll please.....

I cheated again (surprise, surprise) and used choc-drops for the brown face and ears. Add eyes, a little marshmallow nose, age appropriate candles - and you're done! I have added a red-icing smiley face, but it doesn't show up very well. I might have to grab some red sweets tomorrow?

I know it's not a masterpiece, but baking is sooo not my strong point. Savory food - I'm all over that! But I think it's pretty cute and I hope the bro will like it :)

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