Monday, 13 February 2012

Birthday Plans

My Life as a Wife

My brain is tired, so please humor me while I indulge in some procrastination. 

I don't think I've mentioned before, but I have 2 younger brothers. I am particularly close with the youngest, he is my little dude and I love spending time with him. It's his birthday at the beginning of March, but it's mid-week so I won't be able to see him on the day. Instead we've planned that he'll come and stay the weekend after. I can't wait to do all of our favourite city things, such as go bowling, eat Yo-Sushi, and have movie night.

Yo Sushi         Bowling      Popcorn

I love making a big deal out of his birthday. I've already bought banners and a birthday badge, and will need to pick up some balloons between now and then. Last year I lived round the corner from an awesome bakery, and purchased some rocky-road cakes. 

So cute - and sickly!

Now I am a total non-baker, so making a cake is out of the question, but I have been thinking about buying a ready-made plain cake, and decorating it to make it a bit special. Best of both worlds yes?

Here are the ideas that Google has thrown up so far:

Super cute monkey cake. My bro also loves doughnuts - bonus!

Confusing yet yummy burger cake.

Really adorable little sheep.

Now my attempts will not look anywhere near as good as the example photos, but as long as it tastes good and you can tell what it's supposed to be - I'll be happy. 


  1. Love sushi :) Sounds like you guys will have a fun weekend!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm just hoping not to butcher them toooo badly when I have a go myself - Watch this space.

  3. Those cakes are all adorable!! I like it so much!!!!!