Sunday, 12 February 2012

I Love Learning

Rat Race 

I really enjoyed University last week (minus one pitiful geography lecture). So thought I'd share what we have been up to.

On Wednesday we looked at children's books, poetry, and simply encouraging children to enjoy reading. It was so nice to take a little trip down memory lane and reminisce about our favourites as children. Some stories which hold a particularly special place in my heart include; The Magic Faraway Tree, Alfie, Jacqueline Wilson books, anything by Roald Dahl. 

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I've slowly been building up my own library of children's books, most recently purchasing "Night Monkey, Day Monkey", and I'm pleased with how my little collecting is growing. I also can't help but feel a little excited that maybe one day these books will sit in the bedroom of our own little one.

Bed time story anyone?
Modern Languages
On Friday we paired up, and taught a fairy story to a small group of Year 4 children (aged 8-9 years old). We could choose from French, German or Spanish. I have zero language qualifications, but decided on Spanish as I find it the easiest to pick up. As hinted to in my previous snapshot, we did The 3 Little Pigs (aka Los Tres Cerditos), and with a little help from our friend Percy, I think it went pretty well.
Obviously bribery isn't the best teaching method. But it sure does help.

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