Saturday, 11 February 2012

Love - Bugs

My Life as a Wife

I don’t get to see as much of my friends as I’d like. We've all uber broke busy, and they're just a little too far away. So with it being Valentines, I decided to spread a little love and let them know I hadn’t forgotten about them. I went out looking for some rude funny Valentines cards to send to my favourite girls.

I even decided to included a little chocolate love-bug or two because, well, who doesn't love chocolate?

Obviously I have got hubby one too, and we're celebrating Valentines this weekend as he'll be away at work on the 14th. So here's hoping that he's remembered to get me one in return!!


  1. Super cute idea. I never send think to valentines cards to friends.. i may have to start!! I hope you've had a great valentine's celebration. x

  2. I have never done this before either, so I hope they think it's cute, and don't just think I'm a weirdo! x