Monday, 27 February 2012

Pretty in Pink

Pretty Things

Apologies for my absence from Blog-Land, but I had a weekend away with the Hubby for some Navy thing.

Anyway I'm back now, so let's catch up shall we?

My nails have (surprisingly) been doing OK, so I decided to try and make the most of them before they all snap off. Because trust me, they will!

Inspired by one of the glamours girls at Uni, I decided to check out Fimo Canes. Never heard of them? No, me neither. They are a type of 3D nail art which comes in skinny little 5cm long sticks. You cut a thin little slice off one end, and decorate your nails accordingly. 

I ordered a random selection of 100 sticks from ebay for around £3.50. I have tried to bundle them into some sort of order, and there are certainly some images I am more likely to use than others. However, for the price I am really not complaing. Plus, you make such thin slices each stick is likely to last you agggeesss.

I decided to start with my bright pink OPI mini, and a cute little pink heart. I painted a clear undercoat, and then the hot pink on all nails. I waited for the pink to dry and put a clear top coat on my little finger. Once this was tacky I placed 2 little hearts on each little nail. I'm hoping I'll get better with practice, as I kinda smooshed the nail varnish round a bit. Whoops. After a bit more drying time, it was clear top-coat all round, used generously on my pinkie.

The result...?

Not bad for my first attempt. The first couple of pics are from when I painted my nails in bed last night - not amazing light. So I snapped another shot while I was out and about today.

What do you think? Cute or tacky? I know they could look a bit OTT, but I'm enjoying doing fun things with my nails at the minute. 

Humm what to do next... watermelon? Cupcake? Decisions, decisions!

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