Tuesday, 7 February 2012

1000 Words About Me

Rat Race

Don't worry - this post is not going to be 1000 words long!

I will graduate as a qualified teacher this June, and am looking to begin working at the start of term in September. However, job application time for newly qualified teacher (NQTs) has already started.

Cue panic stations.


At the minute I'm working on a "personal specification"... 1,000 words about how amazing I am, and why they should entrust me with the care and education of lots of little children. So I need to sound confident, but not cocky, self-assure but also self-aware, experienced but also keen to learn. 

Easy, right?
I think Mr Pineapple says it better than I ever could.

Different schools want such different things, I'm finding it impossible to decide how to portray myself. Some Head Teachers want someone who will fit right into their well-oiled machine, without rocking to boat. Others want you to be innovative, creative and bring loads of new ideas. And let's not forget that I'm not even anywhere near the interview stage yet. *sigh*

I know that teaching will be worth it, I'm just getting bit sick of hoop jumping is all!

Anyway... wish me luck!!


  1. Don't stress! Make it about the children and you'll be fine!

  2. Thank you for the support! You're right, I just need to remember it's about them, not me. x