Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Saturday in the City

My life as a Wife

I live in the city and have done for 4 years, but sometimes life stops you from enjoying what's right on your doorstep. So this weekend, with the lil bro in town for his birthday weekend, I decided to make the most of it and hit the city like a pair of tourists. And you know what? We had a bloody good time.

Husband was home (yay) and we picked lil Bro up from the train station late Friday night. We brought him home, and did balloons and cake, complete with candles and singing. While he liked his cake, he is unfortunately a teenage boy, and therefore decided to massacre it. Despite looking slightly disturbing, don't worry it tasted goooood.

RIP Sheepy
Saturday morning I was at work so the boys had to amuse themselves. Then we headed to see Husband's family for an hour or so. On the way home we stopped at Selfridges for Yo Sushi. This is mine and lil Bro' ritual. It's his favourite and there aren't any sushi places at home. It was Hubby's first time coming with us, and it was really nice just to hang out and get a bite to eat.

We eyed up the fancy chocolates in the food court - you can't tell but that Easter bunny is HUGE! And I bought the Bro some really overpriced Pop-Tarts.  We tried to go bowling, but it was an hour wait for a lane (!!) so headed home for movie night instead.

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