Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Making Tracks

My Life as a Wife

So far, I am still enjoying my rekindled relationship with running. However, I have managed to totally FAIL at using the MapMyRUN app.

But Showers, I hear you cry, it's so easy to use and convenient, right there on your phone. Yes my friends, yes it is.

I ran Saturday, Sunday, had a planned rest day on Monday and then went for a shorter run today.

Saturday 10th, no issues. A little bit slow but that's OK. Sunday... humm, something didn't seem quite right to me. The numbers didn't seemed to add up. I put my distance and time into an online calculator thingie, and it suggested my pace was actually 10.something min/mile. I have no idea why it decided to round up so generously.

And today. Today I reached my door after 20 something minutes, paused the app and had a quick glance at my pace, just over 11 min/mile. However, after stretching I went to snap a pic of my workout only to discover that the timer was still running, and I'd spent the last 15 minutes not covering much ground. Oops. This of course messed up my stats.

Total technology fail.

I'm excited to be back on the exercise bandwagon, and now need to hit my next health and well-being target - go to bed and get more sleep! I have such a bad habit of staying up late. Here's hope I can break it.

PS Blogger won't let me left align... suggestions??

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