Monday, 19 March 2012

Post Wedding - The Honeymoon

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We woke up on Saturday morning as Husband and Wife and went to join our friends and family in the hotel for breakfast. We were heading straight to the airport, ready for our Sunday morning flight. The Mr had been telling me we were getting the train to the airport but I didn't believe him - a 2 hour train journey is not exactly the most glamorous start to a Honeymoon! So I was only a little surprised when a shiny car pulled up the hotel driveway...

However this wasn't the only reveal I had coming my way - you see the Mr had booked the Honeymoon and kept the destination a secret. I knew we were going for 2 weeks, it was somewhere hot and we hadn't been there before. I was also pretty sure that it wouldn't be anywhere in Europe. His destination of choice......


We stayed at the Secrets Wild Orchid resort in Montego Bay. We'd previously stay at a Secrets Hotel in Mexico and loved it, so I guess he decided to go with what we already know.

So what did we do while we were there....?

We enjoyed the white sandy beaches.

Swam and snorkeled in the blue sea.

Joined in Independence Day and Emancipation Day celebrations.

 Went out in 4x4 buggies (this was sooo cool!)
 Enjoyed the lush green landscape.

Drank Champagne at sunset... and breakfast, and lunch... and dinner (oops!)

 I didn't even mind the occasional tropical down-pour, as the hotel provided lots to eat do eat.

We did much more, but I think I've photo-bombarded you enough. We had a great time, spending most of the holiday relaxing. I definitely recommend the Secrets resorts for those special occasions.

Have you ever been to Jamaica or fancied going? Where did you go on your Honeymoon?

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  1. Amazing honeymoon photos! I've never been to Jamaica but that's a definite destination in the future. My fiance and I still have to plan our honeymoon!