Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sunday in the City

My Life as a Wife

Saturday in the City .

Sunday - We started off at The Manchester Museum and had a laugh looking at all the gory skeletons and fossils.

Lions and tigers and T-Rexs -Oh my!

Then a pit stop at the AMAZING Patisserie Valerie. The cakes were delish, but we had a super wobbly table so kept spilling our tea everywhere - oops!


And after...

Then I decided to take him to the old library I visited with Uni, as it was only round the corner and it seemed a shame not too.

Despite having reservations - I mean it's a library?! - we had fun. Especially when we got stuck and had to walk through a big tour group. Sorry!

We needed to grab dinner before I dropped him back at the train station and the boy decided he wanted more sushi, but to go to the old fashioned traditional restaurant. Who am I to say no to the birthday boy? Plus, it's healthy food so I figure why the heck not.

Worn out and fit to burst, I put lil Bro on the train and headed home to clean up the weekend mess - including popping 50 balloons!

I really love it when people come to visit and I get to show off my cool city. He suggested that next time we go and see a show, so I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for anything I think he'd like. 

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  1. That sushi looks amazing! If I ever visit Manchester, I will be messaging you to find out exactly where the restaurant is!!! :) Glad you had a nice weekend...